Meet Kavonte

A Heart for the Community.

Born in Frederick County, Kavonté says he was raised by a village of people that included his parents, extended family, friends, neighbors, teachers, mentors, and others who took interest in his wellbeing. For him, they were the driving force that provided support (via transportation to events, funds when needed, moral guidance, and so much more), encouragement (through role models and exposing him to future possibilities) and accountability (by ensuring that he stayed on the right track and faced consequences when he didn’t). With this type of support, Kavonté began learning about the importance of community at an early age. Whether it was his involvement in the church on committees and as a speaker, his participation in school via mentoring groups and afterschool activities, or his role as a member of a large and active family, he was raised appreciating that we each have an obligation to contribute to our community’s success. A graduate of Tuscarora High School and Frederick Community College (FCC), he was Tuscarora’s class president from ninth to eleventh grade and a member and president of the Necktie Club. At FCC, he was President of the Student Government Association and Student Representative on the Presidential Search Committee. Kavonté also served the community as a past commissioner on the Frederick County Human Relations Commission and currently serves on the Board of Directors for United Democrats of Frederick County, Eliminating Achievement Gaps, and City Youth Matrix.

A Mind for Progress.

He feels strongly that we must prepare the next generation to lead. This includes attracting and retaining business owners and employees who will live and work in Frederick. Kavonté appreciates the fact that a local small business owner gave him the opportunity to earn an income and gain valuable experience that kept him in the community. He has been employed with the Gary L. Rollins Funeral Home since 2011 and that job prepared him for his current employment with Frederick County Public Schools. These positions were also important in preparing him to become part of the Frederick Community Action Agency’s First-Time Homebuyers Education Classes. Kavonté wants to ensure that others know about this and other programs that allow citizens to invest in themselves and the community.

A Voice for All People.

It is important to him to put people before politics. This involves creating a space at the table for those he represents, including those who have traditionally been overlooked. He has spent the last six years talking to people from across the county from various geographic locations, socio-economic levels, races, and generations. The issues that people have voiced to him the most are education, economics and addiction. His platform includes: addressing educational needs via greater resources for teachers and more opportunities for students while attracting, retaining and developing young people via career-college readiness; strengthening the economy by growing the business sector, supporting local entrepreneurs, encouraging more vigorous job creation, and championing affordable housing; and fighting substance abuse problems by expanding access to treatment, increasing education for all stakeholders and supporting second chances. Kavonté looks forward to working with each area and neighborhood to implement effective changes while also building upon what is already working well.

In running for the Frederick County Council At-Large seat, Kavonté Duckett asks for your vote. For him, this is personal as he gives his heart, mind and voice to the citizens of Frederick County.


Kavonté Duckett: A Heart for the Community. A Mind for Progress. A Voice for All People.