To the residents of Frederick County, my friends, and my supporters:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Frederick County Council At-Large. As a lifelong resident of Frederick County, I understand, firsthand, the importance of putting people before politics. That is why my campaign is centered on Frederick County residents, and understanding the issues they find most pressing. It is a momentous day and I am proud to share it with every one of you.

As residents of this great community, we all know that Frederick County is wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. We also know that there is so much untapped potential. If elected, I will fight for the people of Frederick, starting by expanding the representation of our community in County government.

I am proudly the result of Frederick County Public Schools. As a County Council member, among my first priorities will be to address educational needs, including:

  • increased resources for teachers and staff;
  • attracting top instructional and administrative talent to our County schools;
  • new career-college readiness programs for our students; and
  • creative solutions to the mounting student loan crisis.

I also understand the importance of embracing the voices of all generations, including young people. I know, too, that we can learn from more experienced members of our community and work together to grow the business sector, strengthen the economy, all while stimulating job growth. Frederick is a vibrant community that deserves entrepreneurs who feel supported.

While we know Frederick County employs some of the hardest workers in the state, many of those employed here commute to Frederick County from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other Maryland counties because the cost of living is simply too high. I will work alongside my fellow Councilmembers to develop ideas that help address the rising costs that come with residency in Frederick County.

Sadly, we’ve seen addiction paralyze our communities. It is time to expand access to treatment, and provide users with the support needed to help end addiction.

I am never prouder than when I tell others that I was born and raised in Frederick County; I want all residents to feel that same sense of pride. To truly move Frederick forward, we must elect individuals, like myself, who put the needs of citizens above a political agenda. I can’t wait to start working with each area and neighborhood to implement effective changes while also building upon what is already working well.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and humbly ask for your support in the upcoming election.

All the Best,

Kavonte Duckett